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Anti-Aging & Anti-Stress Sonic Facial Treatment
Utilizing Sonic Technology, non- allergenic products, aromatherapy and pure products for a luxurious, beautifying and relaxing experience.

  • First, we apply a gentle cleanser with to your face to remove surface oils or environmental residue and/or makeup.
  • Second,  we begin  to open the pores with moist steamy heat application.
  • Next, we use  specially  designed facial massage  and cleansing cream with massage techniques to relax and revives the tone of  the muscles in your face. This improves circulation, lymphatic drainage, smoothing the skin and reducing signs of stress and aging while is relaxing  yet invigorating.
  • After the massage, we apply a gentle, deep pore cleansing masque. Depending on your skin type, it will re-hydrate, add moisture to the skin, or remove excess oils, while cleansing the pores using warm steam to activate the masque.
  • Then the masque is applied drawing out impurities form the pores. Steamy towels  open pores again and then gently remove the masque.
  • A toner is applied via a mist made of  distilled water and aromatherapy of Rose, Bergamont and Orange Blossom,  which closes the pore
  • The final step is to apply a non-oily lotion with sunscreen.  
European Salt Glow

An exfoliation for the full body with warm  and  Sea Salt with minerals and optional Aromatherapy (essential botanical and herbal oils).

  • First the warm oil and salt are lightly applied with smooth, elongated massage strokes.
  • The gentle scrubbing action of the sea salt exfoliates and replenishes minerals as the oils moisturize.
  • Then steam towels gently open the pores and allow the deep penetration of the minerals and aromatherapy to be absorbed, leaving your skin supple and soft.
  • A hot  steamy towel is used to wipe down and rinse away the excess oils. 
  • The results are your skin is soft and smooth as silk.                     
Hand and Foot Spa Treatment
A Facial for the hands and feet."
  • First, the hands and feet are cleaned and exfoliated with a hand and foot scrub.
  • Second, a mixture of moisturizing oils, shea and cocoa butter are massaged into your hands and feet.
  • Next, they wrapped in warm moisturizing mittens and booties.
  • After the mixture has been fully activated it is removed and collagen lotion is applied.
  • The finishing touch is the hands and feet are then massaged using  Reflexology* Techniques which is a Hand and foot massage using fingers and thumb pressure to stimulate the following:reflex points that refer to all the major internal organs, muscles, nerves, joints and spinal column.
    The result is this also assists in removing toxins that build up due to gravity and/or weak circulation PLUS it feels good too!!! 
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