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                           Swedish Massage
Our most popular massage is a soothing, relaxing series of massage techniques that produce a wonderful rejuvenating experience. This classic massage is good for tight muscles, stress management and general relaxation. It utilizes a light to medium pressure touch that helps increase circulation, reduce muscle tension, cleanses lymphatic system leaving you with an overall sense of well being. Regular Swedish Massage sessions improve and increase the quality of your life.         
                  Deep Muscle Therapy
Especially effective for back, neck, shoulder pain and stiffness. We use advanced massage techniques that reach the deeper layers of muscles, tendons and ligaments, plus the use of trigger points to relieve chronic pain, cross fiber stroke to ease contacted muscles, range of motion  and Assisted Isolated Stretching™ to increase flexibility and reduce pain in joints, moist heat and or (when needed) ice massage therapy, use of aromatherapy and topical herbal remedies... all combined to reduce chronic pain, correct misalignments, restructure tissue and eliminate discomfort.  
Sports Massage
Excellent for anyone who participates in physical activities, with or without sports injuries. Sports Massage includes the same techniques as in the Deep Tissue/Deep Muscle Massage (see above); however, specific attention is placed on sports related body mechanics or injury as well as those groups of muscles, tendons and ligaments involved in your particular sports activity.
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