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Kathryn Grace in the parkKathryn's Profile & Bio
   Dr. Kathryn Grace Knox is a Nationally Board Certified Naturopathic Physician. 
he hold a Master Herbalist Degree. 
Kathryn is a Certified Natural Health Care Professional (CHNP)
Michigan State Licensed Massage Therapist
Certified Massage Therapist: Advanced Techniques
Certified Counselor 
Certified  Yoga Instructor..

She specialties in: 
  • Corrective body-work / Massage Therapy and Pain Management
  • Stress Management Massage & Body Work
  • Relaxation Massage
  • Holistic Health Assessment  which includes the following:         
  • Iridology ( Iris Analysis )      
  • Four  Point Chinese Analysis & Diagnostics:Face, Tongue, Nail & Ear Assessment, 
  • Muscle Testing / Applied Kinesiology. 
  • DNA Testing ( Gene Snip), Hair Analysis ( mineral testing),
  •  pH Testing for acid / alkaline balance
  • Herbal Remedies & Nutrition Support (Isotonix Supplements and Custom Blends)  
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Below is a full description of Kathryn's History
Kathryn was drawn to natural health at an early age of 14 when she became a vegetarian and began studying yoga,  meditation and spiritual studies.   Her desire to help others soon  lead her to other natural healing arts, especially  massage therapy & body work, holistic health, organic foods, nutrition, natural healing,  herbal remedies,  yoga therapy,  energy work , spiritual development and healing. She realized that all of these subject are interwoven together. 
She was employed in a health food restaurant, health food store and a health and fitness Club working her way though attending
City University of New York in Manhattan and Brooklyn, New York   
After that she then completed the Massage Therapy and Yoga teacher's training at East West University, Harriman, N.Y. returned to Manhattan to begin a private practice in Massage Therapy and Yoga Instruction.
After six year of city living she knew that is was time to get away from the intensity and stress of New York.
In 1986 relocated to the Detroit area to continue a Holistic Health Practice. after a tour of duty in the US Army where she was assigned to the  
10th Special Forces, a Green Beret, Fort Devens, Massachusetts     
Kathryn in the Army ( 10th Special Forces )Nineteen months after moving to Michigan and  opening a private practice down town Birmingham  she received recognition as an extraordinary Massage Therapist in a complementary article written in the Sunday Detroit News Magazine ( May 17th 1988) The Body Horizontal, where the term
 "Hands of an Angle" was coined 
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Kathryn continued her  natural healing quest, studying forms advanced body work, anatomy, physiology, fitness, Aromatherapy, herbs, nutrition  and body/mind medicine.. Especially the connection between the state of health, state of mind, and spiritual development, after years of noticing the obvious correlation of these interests and results with clients were self evident.
Her concern with people and their health next brought her to attend  Warren Woods Adult Education and became an EMT (Licensed Emergency Medical Technician) in 1990 .
Then , in 1991, even though she was offer a scholarship to nursing school, she decided to attend a school of medical and spiritual healing school instead and began studying with Robert Jaffe , M.D. at the the School of Energy Mastery in Sedona,  Arizona. Now called 'The Jaffe Institute of Medical & Spiritual Healing' located in Napa California. 
There  she received a diploma in Energy Healing in 1994.  The school's  focused on 'the state of physical health, subtle energy, conscience awareness,  spiritual growth and helping to facilitate the healing process'.
This training has allowed Kathryn the incorporate body/mind medicine concepts spiritual  / metaphysical  principles and the understanding of subtle energies into her unique eclectic style of Massage Therapy, and her Holistic Health practice. 
Kathryn has also been a professor at Baker College instruction students in Massage Therapy, Alternative Healing Techniques, and Anatomy & Physiology, where her students scored highest on standard exams and she was awarded with the 'instructor with the best student evaluation on record for Baker college.'  
Kathryn completed a 4 year  Naturopathic Physicians degree at Trinity College in conjunction with the Certified Natural Health Professional, acquired a Master Herbalist Degree. 
These trainings has given her a comprehensive understanding in the realm of holistic therapies enabling her to diagnos and successfully treat physical  conditions, recommending and administer various natural healing protocols,  detoxification  programs and prescribe treatments which include:  herbal preparation, homeopathic remedies, Bach Flower remedies,  enzymes, vitamins, minerals,  and dietary changes and other remedies for an array of ailment and health conditions. Kathryn is also be able to recommend  successful methods that will assist clients to reach optimum  state of health in their body and a greater state of  peace in their heart and mind.
In 2011 Kathryn became a Certified Naturopathic Doctor by passing the rigorous examination by the the American Naturopathic Medical Board 
Kathryn is available for Naturopathic  Consultation, diagnostics & assessments, massage therapy & body work, Restorative Yoga  & Yoga therapy, nutritional recommendations, vegetarian/vegan diet, detox methods, stress management  for individuals and for Holistic Health Presentations.
You may have seen her on the cover of the Metro Times ,  in The Detroit News maybe in the Daily Tribune, or on Fox 2 News and channel 50 channel 4  and channel 7 news programs.
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