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LOMI-LOMI / KAHUNA Hawaiian Massage Dr. Kathryn Knox : Posted on Thursday, July 31, 2014 5:12 PM
Lomi-Lomi/ Kahuna was developed in the Hawaiian Islands by the native healers and handed down though centuries from master to apprentice. It has  rhythmic dance-like movements of the therapist's hands and forearms are used to break-up fibrous deposits and lactic acid, improve circulation of blood and lymph, eliminate toxins and edema, alleviate muscle spasm, and increase metabolism. The therapist utilizes techniques such as compression, vibration, acupressure, deep-tissue work, range of motion of all joints, interactive resistance, and visceral (stomach) massage, includes arms and hands, legs and feet to achieve complete alignment of the body.
Lomi or Lomilomi Kanuna is performed, as a sacred healing practice, in a quiet, secluded area. Away from the energy  and noise of the modern world. Most Lomi-Lomi therapists prefer to work in a non-commercial environment and this is the reason that Lomi-Lomi is not known as well as Swedish or Deep Tissue Massages.  Very few words exchange between the practitioner / healer and the client. This allows inner reflection, a deeper level of energy exchange and healing from within.
Very different that the modern western medical model. 

Esalen Massage, What is it? 
Esalen Massage (EM) is known for its healing and nurturing touch; it combines long strokes, gentle rocking and stretching, sculpting of deep musculature and the precision of the acupressure points and no draping or clothing is is recommend. EM goes beyond the physical result of bodywork by focusing on energy exchange and psychological well-being. Taught and trademarked by the Esalen Institute, in the California coast where the Red Wood Forest meets the cliffs at the Pacific ocean, EM aims to tune the mind and body together to create a sense of serenity and peace
You can expect a well trained Esalen Massage practitioner to :
a. Wait and listening to the client’s breath before making initial contact.
b .Gentle rocking to help the body let go of rigidity.
c Creating a unified and whole massage defined by long, lengthening strokes.
d. Making small circular movements around joints to encourage release.
e. Bringing the whole body weight into the movement.
f. A little unpredictability to ease away holding patterns.
g. Allowing time to pause.
h .Remembering that everybody loves and wants to be touched

If you have any questions or would like to experience ESALEN MASSAGE please call us at 248 545 3222 ask for Kathryn   Thanks !

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