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What is Mancaping and 
Men's Hair Removal?
Why is removi ng hair a good idea? 

Is a new word for men's body hair grooming and possibly body hair removal. 
Manscaping has become very popular with modern urban trends. Since most men ask their partnet to groom ans / or shave is has become customary for women ...now we prefer and peesude , suggest and even ask our lover..  husband or boy friend to be groomed in the same manner that is asked of us. 

What areas are men manscaping and going hairless?  

hair removal full body for men


Here below are the most requested areas how ever all body parts can be *manscaped andare available for **hair removal.

a.  Chest                                                     
b.  Back
men-hair-back-before-afterc.  Buttock
d.  Upper abdomen
e.  Lower abdomen
f.   Brokini (like the Bikini area for women)
g.  Base of the shaft
h.  Scrotum
i.   Under-carriage
j.   Between the cheeks
k.  Upper thigh
l.   Shoulders and neck
m. Full Brazilian ( Brokini area plus          shaft and under carriage  )
n.  Full Body from head  to toe

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Methods, Techniques, Tools & Products for Manscaping and Hair Removal  
There are many methods to do manscaping. Depending of the desired effect you want on each body area you want manscaped.
Perhaps you want the hair in theBrokiniarea, asking to be groomed down broadly then trimmed on the sides.  Some ask for the hair to be removed  completely...CAN DO .  Theaddresses the Bro-kini area plus the base of the shatf and undercarriage area.  Some request the area between the checks and sometime the butocks too 
Many ask for waxing.  that process is painful and cane leave the area red and sensitive for days.  I recomend a painfree and non toxic process that I have develloped over the last 10+ years.  
Then maybe you want the hair completely removed to the skin level on the base of the shaft, the scrotum, undercarriage and between the cheeks or anywhere on your body.. 
While on you chest, back and buttock you want the hair removed below the skin level. All these desired effects and looks can be achieved by a 
well trained spa tech who is experienced in many techniques of hair removal and manscaping , Kathryn and staff of spa techs. 
To achive all these desired effects and looks, several methods, techniques, tools and products need to be incorporated.

Here below are the tools and products we use to achieve perfect Manscaping and Hair Removal. 
All our hair removal and manscaping services are 
Sanitary, Safe and PAIN FREE

1. Professional Electric Trimmers (sterilized)
2. Professional Electric Groomers (sterilized)
3. Professional Electric  Clippers  (sterilized)
4. Professional Electric Razor ( sterilized)
5  Disposable Gillette Fusion Razors & Fusion Shaving Gel
6. Liquid, Gel Depilatory  (specially developed by A TOUCH OF GRACE)
7. Pure Aloe Vera
8. Warm Steamy Towels
9. Pure Talcum Powder
10, Body shampoo and assisted shower available 
11.  Gentle after shave lotion available 

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