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   Men's Health & Relaxation Services
             prices rang from $ 79 - $229

We offer a series of services catering to many of our  regular and repeat male clients. Here are their requested services in a reduced fee package deal.

  These services with special pricing  is for combination of services  that  render all  our men
clients pampered,  relaxed , energized
and rejuvenated.

Men's Health & Relaxation Special Includes :


A. Massage Therapy:Soothing Swedish, Feather/ Lite Touch, Sports,  Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi,California Esalen,  Deep Tissue, Neuro-Muscular, Brazilian/ Hips, Glutes & Thighs 

B. Spa Services:  Manscaping/Hair Removal, Body Scrub/Body Shampoo, Assisted Shower, Foot Spa with Reflexology/Foot Massage, Men's Express Facial, Therapeutic Scalp Treatment Sauna ?

 Optional Men's Health Exam by a Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor

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