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Naturopathic Health Care is a system of achieving and maintaining optimal health and wellness trough the application of natural methods. This system allow you to take back you God given ability to heal from within by rebuilding you internal organs and tissues. 
10 point Naturopathic Assessment ,
 with Analysis and Recommendations
This non-invasive comprehensive  analysts has
10  Steps and can  show you areas of your health that  can be improved upon and the recommendation on how to attain your wellness goals. Step by step.. 
 First,  there is  a health survey ( yourself and family history). 
  We do a verbal inquiry  with you and your family history.
  After collecting this information we proceed with a 2 separate techniques to test your current hydration State.
  Followed by a  pH saliva test which shows 4  important conditions for health:   Acid / Alkaline balance,  Digestive enzymes /  liver function and the mineral reserves in your body. ,
  An Iridology Exam ( study of the iris the eyes )  this will indicate basic constitution, genetic make up, current, chronic and acute conditions or areas of potential concern.
  Then we incorporate 4 assessment tools and techniques that are used in Chinese Medical Diagnostics
Physiognomy, ( face analysis), Tongue, Ear and Nail Analysis
And Muscle Testing to determine the best product for your body 
All the issues  are discussed and a plan of action is developed with an an option to receive the nutritional and supplemental support needed.
Other Naturopathic  service include recommendation of suppliments, dietary changes, hydration recommendations, stress reduction  and restorative health  protocols . The use of  Isotonic Formulas ( Isotonix ), Herbal Preparations, Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes, Amino Acids, Homeopathy, Back Flower Remedies, Aromatherapy are used to reverse conditions and rebuild you body.  Hair Analysis and Gene-Snip ( gene testing for health).
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