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Massage Therapy:
"Voted Best Massage in the Metro Detroit Area"by my clients
"I have been going to Kathryn Grace for some 15+ years. She is an extraordinary therapist. At age 74, I am in very good physical condition, work full-time, exercise almost daily, and travel extensively. Kathryn brings her training and experience to her work and performs her work with great enthusiasm. I can also rely on her to answer a variety of medical questions that I may ask. I receive a massage from Kathryn every two weeks, and this massage is a very important part of my health care regimen."
Robert A. Sedler,
 Southfield, MI
"I have been a client of Kathryn's for nine years  I have been a client of Kathryn's for nine years now and her skill and compassion just keep me coming back for more.  Massage with Touch of Grace is an important part of my preventative health care."  Anne   H.  Royal oak, MI 
"When I turned 45, I began to experience chronic neck pain.....My doctor also referred me to a neurosurgeon, who said that I would need neck surgery within 10 years. I asked him if he thought neuro-muscular massage would help and he said, "Try it." I have been having monthly deep tissue massages with Kathryn Grace since then. I have very little neck pain and when my back or hips bother me, Kathryn knows how to remedy it. I am now 55 and I believe that neuro-muscular massage is the secret to aging well."Judy K. Bloomfield Hills.
Yoga Classes:
Kathryn has been seen on the cover of the Metro Times  Yoga and Holistic Health Issue June 30th 1999
My Monday night yoga class centers me and sets the tone for the rest of my work week. I highly recommend it for stress reduction.
Linda Palazzolo
Customer Relations Manager USPO
I would let folks know that yoga has helped me reduce the stress and anxiety I felt after working all day, raising three kids, and going to school. I noticed that I rarely had headaches and felt so much better each week. Of course, the best part was the relaxation at the end of class. I use the techniques learned to help me get to sleep! I really enjoyed the class and felt it was totally worth every penny!
Kristen Naylor
Sixth Grade Teacher
Great Oaks Academy
I’ve been taking Yoga for over a year and a half now and it has improved my flexibility, decreased my stress levels and enhanced my overall well being.  Kathryn’s instruction is for all levels of training.  She allows you go at your own speed but pushes you to reach your maximum ability.  If you’re looking to work out your body and mind, this is the class for you!
Danielle B Madison Hgts,  MI
For me personally, Yoga has changed by life. My teacher Kathryn who has been teaching/practicing Yoga for many years has  taught me so much about the benefits of Yoga.  She is well educated in the practice of Yoga and I welcome her knowledge and expertise in my practice. I feel I have become healthier in body and mind and spirit. My first noticeable physical effect of doing Yoga was increased flexibility and toned muscles.  My body thanks me for the activity each class.  I look froward to the weekly sessions and cannot imagine Yoga not being part of my life. 
Lynn Sagan Madison Hgts, MI 
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